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12 Months Xbox Gold Membership

​Xbox is one of the most widely chosen video game console. It provides gamers with numerous awesome features to play games as they have never played before. Every user knows that he can play all his/her favorite Xbox games by using this console.

However, it is not easy to play online games. You will have to switch to Xbox Live Gold Membership to play online games on your video game console.

This new membership offers gamers a variety of new features. You can chat, use online storage, and play many online games. You cannot get all these features when you are not an Xbox Live Gold member. You can ignore it for a while. You will soon realize many of your friends are playing multiplayer online games, and you are now left behind them.

You should get Free Xbox Live Codes if you want to use all the latest services offered on Xbox. Millions of users are already playing their favorite games online on this console.

Free Xbox Codes 2022

You should know a little more about Xbox Live Gold Membership to know how much you can save. This membership is released by Microsoft. This membership plan is intended to enable online interaction. You can get three kinds of Xbox Live Gold Membership plans, which are:

  • $9.99 for a one-month membership plan
  • $24.99 for a three-month membership plan
  • $59.99 for a 1-year membership plan

You can buy these membership plans from many different platforms such as the official Microsoft website, BesBuy, Amazon, etc. It comes with many amazing features. However, every user cannot be able to buy it immediately. What is an alternate solution? The solution is accessing Free Xbox Live Codes.

Features of Xbox Code Generator

Free Xbox Code Generator

Almost every user tries that 14-day free trial of Xbox Live Gold membership. People love to experience online games. Therefore, they often end up by buying that membership plan. Many users do not want to spend money on buying another premium product. They have already spent a lot of money to buy their Xbox. People now want to enjoy free gaming. Therefore, people often search for a quick and free way of getting Xbox Live codes. 

Some platforms offer free Xbox Live Gold membership. They ask the users to sign up for their services. They may reveal some hidden tasks to complete in order to provide the promised rewards. Sometimes these tactics work and sometimes does not work. Therefore, most of the Xbox users are now trying to generate Free Xbox Live Codes. 

A highly sophisticated Xbox Live Codes generator tool can provide you with free tools within a few minutes. You do not need to follow all the below methods if it works. The most difficult task is to find a generator tool that works. It should not only work but also hide your actions.

Microsoft will immediately ban your account if it finds you indulged in suspicious activity. Therefore, your priority should be finding a reliable tool to generate codes. Apply those codes and then see you get free access to Xbox Live gaming or not.

Some easy ways of getting Free Xbox Codes:

You will not indulge in any kind of illegal activity if you choose the below-given tactics. These are legit ways of getting Free Xbox Live Codes. The simplest way is to register for a Microsoft live account. Thus, you can get a one-month free Xbox Live Gold Membership. Other methods include the following:

1. XBL Reward:

You can get free Xbox Live Codes by using XBL Reward. It is a renowned reward platform. Here you can download some apps or complete some easy tasks to get rewards. It will be important to earn 1000 points if you want $10 Xbox Live gift card code. Yes, earning points is a bit daunting. It is also a time-consuming process. However, you can earn $10, $20, and $50 Xbox gift card if you become a member. Try this method if you want to get Free Xbox Codes as a reward.

2. Xbox free 14-day trial account:

This solution will work only for those Xbox users who own an Xbox Live account. It will require you to switch to the Xbox Live Gold membership. Thus, you can activate a 14-day free trial. This method is not for you if you have already tried this trick before. Fourteen days is not a long time, but you can test all the features and benefits. So, let’s find out how it works:

  • There is no need to look out for your free trial. You can see the 14-day free membership gift if you have not tried it yet.
  • Click on the free trial option and then click the “Next” button.
  • It will ask you to provide some payment options. You can select a credit card or other means of payment.
  • Now, the wizard will provide enough guidance to complete the sign-up process. Do not forget to unsubscribe once your free trial is over. It will automatically charge money if you do not deactivate your Xbox Live Gold subscription.

3. Try Reddit Giveaways:

Reddit is a valuable source of information. Numerous threads are revealing a lot of essential details. You can use this platform to win many gifts cards such as Google Play gift cards, Steam Wallet codes, and Xbox codes. All you have to do is reading community posts, and your job is done. 

You can come across many threads revealing cheat codes for the games. Do not look for them because they may not provide Free Xbox Live Codes. Look for a subreddit designed specifically for providing free Xbox codes.

Go through these subreddits, and you will find one that offers free giveaways. Many of these subreddits are created by actual users. Many gamers hang out on Reddit community and then often offer giveaways. Find such users and stay in touch with them to win Free Xbox Live Codes.